Welcome to django-parler’s documentation!

“Easily translate “cheese omelet” into “omelette du fromage”.

django-parler provides Django model translations without nasty hacks.


  • Nice admin integration.
  • Access translated attributes like regular attributes.
  • Automatic fallback to the other default languages.
  • Separate table for translated fields, compatible with django-hvad.
  • Plays nice with others, compatible with django-polymorphic, django-mptt and such:
  • No ORM query hacks.
  • Easy to combine with custom Manager or QuerySet classes.
  • Easy to construct the translations model manually when needed.


The following features are on the radar for future releases:

  • Multi-level model inheritance support
  • Improve query usage, e.g. by adding “Prefetch” objects.

Please contribute your improvements or work on these area’s!

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